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Register your customers in seconds with smooth onboarding. 100 % automated and fast. Combine for example, the national eID of your country for proof of identity, register check to validate the address and pep/sanction check to be AML compliant.


Your customers won't have to fill in extra forms manually. eID and datasource lookups provides all the information you need about your customer.
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100% verified users. No false positives. Be secure in your customers identity.

High Conversion

Smooth onboarding gives high conversion.
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Sign In

How do you enable convenient and secure access, while also making sure that the user really is your client?
How do you maintain all the possible login methods?

A straightforward, effective way of managing digital IDs is an increasing necessity.
Enable your clients to log in easily and securely using the online ID system of their choice using IdentityIQ.
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You get access to all the digital IDs via a single point of integration.

Email & Password

Use a classic email & password login, that also checks against leaked passwords.
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OTP Login

SMS-based login where users don't need to remember their password.
Use Case

Identity Verification

Verify your customers identity in order to be compliant with AML and KYC legislation.

Identity verification can be performed at sign up, check out, or any other event that demands a verified customer.

Devcode Identity supports solutions such as eID, online ID-verification and OpenBanking.

Create account with preferred identification method

Use email+password or a social login

Identify customer with preferred method

Devcode Identity integrates with a number of identity verification services

Validate customer address with preferred method

Chain another service for address verification
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Check if customer is on pep or sanction list

Check against EU, UN, OFAC, and HKM etc

Check source of funds, source of wealth, IBAN owner, player limits

Extra checks that are relevant for you
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Now you have a verified and compliant account

Get a verified customer that fulfills your specific requirements.