Devcode Privacy and Cookie Policy

At Devcode, we value your privacy. The product privacy statements linked below describe which personal data Devcode collects from you, how Devcode process such personal data, and why Devcode collects the personal data in connection with Devcode's provision of products.

Devcode Identity API Privacy


The purpose of this policy is to define requirements for processing personal data in Devcode. The policy is defined to ensure:

  • Demonstrable compliance with legislative requirements, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)
  • Transparency of personal data processing for both Devcode's customers, data subjects and data protection authorities

Identity and contact details

This policy covers processing of personal data by Devcode Identity AB, a private company registered in SWEDEN with registration number 559134-1960, with its registered main office at Sveavägen 49 4 tr, 113 59 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Devcode, is responsible for this policy and its implementation both within Devcode, and on behalf of third parties involved in the processing of personal data.

Any questions or requests can be directed to, or via other channels for contact found on

Public websites

The website at is developed and maintained by Devcode for the purpose of marketing our products and services online. Devcode is the data controller for personal data collected through these websites.

A list of third parties involved in personal data processing will be made available upon request.

The processing is based on the visitor's consent. Individuals who have their data processed by Devcode as a data controller, based on consent, have the following rights under GDPR:

  • the right to be informed (which is why we have published this policy)
  • the right to access data we hold about the individual
  • the right to have data rectified, if inaccurate
  • the right to withdraw consent, and to be forgotten
  • the right to have data blocked from further processing
  • the right to object to direct marketing

Individuals who want to exercise any of these rights can contact Devcode.

If our handling of personal data is not found to be satisfactory, and issues cannot be resolved with us directly, individuals can complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen).

Each area of personal data processing is described in detail below:

Visitor logs and statistics

Devcode will process information about people visiting our websites, in order to improve content and be able to target communications. Information we collect potentially includes personal data, including the visitor's IP address, and information about each page view and duration.

Through a third party, we collect de-identified information about visitors for statistical purposes, such as web browser and operating system, device and screen resolution. This third party will also collect a part of the visitor's IP-address to determine the visitor's approximate location, however not the entire address (we replace the last octet with a 0, before any data is sent to the third party, e.g.


Cookies are used on our web pages, including third party cookies. The cookies are used to identify relevant markets and helping us improve and maintain the user experience and create relevant information to our web pages.

  • _ga, _gid: Browsing tracking cookies from Google Analytics.
  • hsq: Browsing and action tracking cookie from Tilda

Website visitors can decide whether or not they want to accept these cookies, by changing cookie settings in their web browser. Visitors may also prevent tracking by using private browsing, and in some cases limit tracking via enabling the Do Not Track (DNT) setting. More information about controlling and deleting cookies can be found at, and DNT at

Chatlio Chat Plug-In

On our website, we use the chat widget provided by Chatlio Inc. to offer an additional channel for you to reach out to us. Messages and other information entered into the Chatlio chat window are sent to us via Slack, a service of Slack Inc., 500 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States. Chatlio uses cookies to identify recurring visitors and uses your location data to provide an indication where you are from to our support team.
For more information on data protection at "Chatlio", please refer to the privacy policy of Chatlio.

Contact forms

Information you provide when filling in a form on the web page, such as email, name, country and company, will be used to fulfill your request to be contacted.

Targeted content

Through our data processor, we collect de-identified information about which pages our visitors visit. If at any time a visitor choose to identify themselves, by interacting with a form on our website which collects information about your identity, your previous browsing history on Devcode's websites, and reading our newsletter, will become connected with this identity. This information will in combination be used to classify the user as a potential prospect for making business with Devcode.

It is possible to avoid this intersection of data from happening, by deleting your cookies before you submit a form. You can also request any such information we have collected to be deleted, by contacting us.

Demo application

Where an online demo application is offered, we may collect your personal information regarding registration and use of the demo application, in order to serve demonstration purposes.
The data collected by demo applications shall be deleted at periodic intervals.