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Redefining the onboarding process with SigninIQ.

Redefining the onboarding process with SigninIQ.


Best in class Payment platform. Acquired by Bambora 2017.


Know your customer process made easy. Launched by DevCode 2018.

The well-established and proven KYC platform from DevCode Identity that makes life so much easier for numerous of customers around the world.


Onboarding, the way it should be. Launched by DevCode june 2021.

We know when something is missing, and we know when to act. That’s why we are now launching the next generation onboarding tool.

SigninIQ will enable a new way of working with your customer onboarding flow. With an amazing flexibility you will be able customize the flow per market or jurisdiction and of course make the look and feel - feel and look like you, purely by configuration. We believe this will be the new way and standard of working with onboarding and sign in.

Together IdentityIQ and SigninIQ makes the difference that makes the difference. Hard to turn down if you ask us. Even stronger it gets utilizing the two from within PaymentIQ and our position there – Signin / KYC / Payments - as automated as can be!

The DevCode Team

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