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Optimising Sign-up and Sign-In: Great conversion while fulfilling regulatory compliance.

We like to call it “Compliant Conversion”. At DevCode Identity we constantly strive to challenge the paradigm that compliance and customer onboarding cannot go together with an excellent conversion. By using seamless flows, gamification and embedding the necessary compliance checks in easy, transparent, and usability-optimised steps, we ensure that both regulatory and customer conversion goals are achieved.

An example of a recent successful implementation is our optimizing the flow for the registration of a merchant addressing the Georgia iGaming market. The specifications of the regulatory framework encompassed several elements such as verifying and checking of the age, e-mail, mobile telephone number, identification documents, social security number, nationality, a restrictive self-exclusion and governmental database, anti-money laundering considerations and the avoidance of any duplicates. To meet the exact needs of our merchant, multi-layered scenarios were mapped out, often with dependent logic of the inputs and the respective check results. The goal here was to make the verification as easy and seamless as possible, but also, if there were just reasons, to avoid any unnecessary steps and checks.

For the specific regulatory framework our capability to design flows that enable checks when and where the merchant wants and needs them, was a great asset. In this example we enabled recurring checks both on sign-up and on the subsequent sign-ins and had the capability to adhere to other country specific rules such as varying legal age definitions. Despite packing so much logic and regulatory aspects in one inclusive flow, we neverlost sight of the most important aspect of our merchant: the customer. Both sign-up and sign-in processes focused on user-friendliness and comprehensiveness. All checks were done, where possible in the most unintrusive manner and where data entry was necessary, we packaged these in intuitive, easy to complete steps. Our efforts have paid off. Low drop off rates combined with a high scalability have allowed us to exceed our initial conversion improvement goals.


We at DevCode Identity are passionate, engaged and motivated about conversion and onboarding flows. We love to be presented with the challenge of embedding a regulatory framework like the above into an effective onboarding flow, taking all the merchant specific goals into consideration. We have an expertise in many industry- and country specific onboarding flows and are an ever-learning and constantly evolving company. Please don’t be shy - feel free to contact us to setup a preliminary evaluation if we can add value and improve your onboarding process in any way.






  • Email/nickname login
  • Mobile number verification
  • Self exclusion based on personal number
  • ID/Passport verification
  • Unique personal number to prevent duplicate accounts
  • Unique phone number to prevent duplicate accounts
  • Age checks depending on nationality

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