Fast sign up and deposit with a simple click. Forget manual forms and ID scanning of documents!

Devcode Identity's product, SigninIQ, brings innovative identity solutions to Estonia, tailored to meet the your unique needs of this market.

Here's what SigninIQ has to offer you on the Estonian market:

1. Deposit and Play: SignInIQ offers fast sign up and deposit with a simple click. A seamless and secure process. Forget manual forms and ID scanning of documents!

2. Smart-ID Integration: This trusted digital identification system in Estonia is integrated into SigninIQ, ensuring safe, swift, and secure user identification. It adds an extra layer of security that bolsters user confidence and trust.

3. PEP/Sanction Screening: With SigninIQ's sophisticated algorithms, false positives in Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanction screenings are eliminated. This ensures that you can carry out your due diligence without unnecessary complications or inaccuracies, leading to increased operational efficiency and compliance with legal requirements.

4. Pay-by-Links (bank transfers), Credit Card and Other Local Payment Methods: Acknowledging the popularity and wide use of Pay-by-links in Estonia, SigninIQ incorporates Pay-by-links, Credit and other local payment methods. This user-friendly feature allows for smooth, seamless, and secure transactions that cater to users' preferences and habits.

5. Email and Mobile Number Collection or Verification: With SigninIQ, you can securely collect and verify your users' email addresses and mobile numbers. This contributes to a safer digital environment by ensuring that user information is accurate, which is key to preventing fraudulent activities and promoting effective communication.

In essence, Devcode Identity's SigninIQ is more than an identity solution. It is a tool for you to enhance your operational efficiency, comply with regulations, and foster trust among your users. With these tailored offerings for the Estonian market, SigninIQ is positioned as a leader in digital identity solutions, contributing to a more secure and user-friendly digital landscape.



Checks and Providers


Credit Card, Bank Transfer or any other local payment method

PEP/Sanction screening without false positives

Smart address component

Email verification

Mobile verification

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