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Devcode Identity Platform

The identity platform for verifying customers online in seconds

Secure online identity checks your business can trust
IdentityIQ is a safe and user-friendly self-service environment for managing the Devcode identity platform.
Here you arrange and configure the connections with the platform and with the different identity providers. Would you like your customers to log in with BankID or Freja eID? Or connect a new application? You can easily arrange this yourself via IdentityIQ, without being dependent on a Devcode employee. With IdentityIQ you can configure applications, add and update identity providers and configure the authentication methods of your users.
Manage your customers
Perform and manage address, pep and sanction controls and updates on your customers
Manage applications
Add, update and remove applications.
Manage identity providers
Add, update and remove identity providers.
Manage your certificates
Add certificates. See that status of your current certificates. Renew certificates.
See sign in and sign ups over time, per device and per identity provider.
Check your invoices.


The identity method of the future is here. 100% verified customers.
Through our API, you get access to all the eIDs via a single point of integration. The digital IDs are available for sign up, sign in, and digital signing of text and documents
Swedish BankID
Leading eID in Sweden.
Works in the Netherlands.
Finnish BankID
Works in Finland. Part of FTN.
Works in Denmark. 4.6 million users.
Works in Estonia.
Australia Post Digital ID
Works in Australia.
Works in Finland. Part of FTN.
Ice Key
Works in Iceland.
Baltics eID.
Norwegian BankID
Norwegian eID issued by banks.
Works in Belgium.
Primarily the German market.
Freja eID
Nordic countries and UK.
Canadian eID.
European eID for public sector
Global eID
Contact us for a complete list of integrated eIDs
New eIDs are integrated on request.

ID Verification

Through our API, you get access to all the online ID Verification services in the platform via a single point of integration.
Devcode Identity connects you to video based electronic ID document verification services and ID document scanning services, as well as NFC reading of ID documents. These methods can be combined to increase the quality of the identity verification and meet various local regulatory requirements.

Scanning of passport, driver's licence and ID-card
Real-time user feedback
Users can restart verifications and check status of ongoing verifications.
Liveness checks
Using webcams
Facial recognition
Automatic matching of face against ID-card
200+ countries
Can even handle Asian languages
Manual checks
Retrieve passport images and manually check your customers
We are continuously adding online ID verification services to the platform.
Address verification
Detect fraudulent address documents in real-time
Through our API, you get access to a global service for verifying your customers address. The service detects fraudulent documents so you can trust your customers and grow faster.
How it works
Integrate API
Use the same API as for eID and Identity Verification.
Send documents
Your customers uploads their documents.
Receive analysis
Receive analysis for customer.
Approve customers
Approve or decline your customer.
Supported documents
Bank statements
Utility bills
Tax forms
Pay stubs
Asset documentation
New address verification services are added on request.
Register checks
Use trusted registers to validate information about a user (B2C) or an organisation (B2B)
Automated customer information collection means that a wide range of attributes can be collected through registry lookups, such as legal name, address, date of birth and SSN. Through our API, you get access to all registry lookup services on the platform via a single point of integration.
  • Population Registry
  • Board Directorships
  • PEP
  • Sanction
  • Responsible gaming (Rofus, Spelpaus etc)
    • Company Group Structure
    • Beneficial Owners
    • Signatory Rights
    • Power of Attorney
    • Board Members
    • Company Information
      Contact us for a list of current integrations. New integrations are done on request.
      Pep and sanction checks
      Through our API, you get access to multiple PEP and Sanction list providers giving you a full global coverage via a single point of integration.
      Devcode identity platform is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) that offers sanctions screening and PEP screening. It provides real-time access to state-of-the-art world databases, on an easy pay-as-you-go model. Combine the PEP and sanction list screening with register check services and Digital IDs or Online ID Verification and you have a solid base for customer acquisition.
      One-time checks
      Screen customers upon sign up or sign in.
      Bulk check
      Screen all your customers.
      Ongoing screening
      Automatically screen current customers.
      Digital Signatures
      Through our API, you get access to multiple digital ID providers offering you digital signatures via a single point of integration.
      • Legally binding digital signatures.
      • eIDAS
      • Sign plain text or PDFs
      Open Banking
      An alternative way for customer identification using banks
      Get a proof of identity or validation of address by simply asking your customer to login to their bank.
      New markets are added on request.